Friday, August 3, 2012

Smiley Ryley is 7!! Happy Day!!

     Does this bike make me look cool?   Um.....YES!!!!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Ryley!!  Wow....7 years old....that is old!!!!  This young man is a happy guy, who is so good at reading and math and we just love him!!!  We are so glad to have him in our family, he knows how to smile and make someone laugh!!  A great day to celebrate a great young man!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Kason dear!! BIG 5!!!

                                           Um Yeah I am totally 5 years old, it is so cool!!

                                              Had to try out the slip n slide right away!!

                                                Yes Layton HAD to get every last drop!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet and sassy Kason!!  Hard to believe my baby is 5 years old!!  He is such a cute and loveable little guy!!  We are so glad to have him in our family and he is definetly a spirited little man!!  It was a very good day, with lots of fun presents and perfect weather to try out Kason's slip-n-slide!!  Which was a huge success and lots of fun!!  Kason is a VERY picky eater, my worst by far.  He LOVES oreos, and that is an understatement.  So for his "cake" he wanted Oreo dessert pizza from Pizza Pie Cafe (PPC)!!  Well a mom never wants to disappoint on a birthday, so Oreo pizza is what he got, and a cookie dough pizza!!  They were delicious, if you can't tell from Layton who about ate his plate!!  HA!!  A great day for a great kid, Happy Birthday to Kason!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My little superheros

Boys are not boys till they dress up as Batman, Superman, Ironman or some amazing superhero!!  So today was just that.....dress up day!  Cute little boys!! Notice Ryley did more flexing.....!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


July 4th!!  We have such a fun day together as a family doing our traditional parade, some fun activity, bar-b-que and fireworks!!  Our activity differs year to year, depending on what we decided to do!!  Justice is in the parade with her cheerleading group and we love to watch them perform and throw us lots of candy!!  Though the parade is getting more and more like a commercial ad for businesses, it is still fun to go and see what they have to show and the free giveaways and candy for the kids!!!  After the parade we headed out to Rigby Lake for some swimming and sunshine!!  It was a great afternoon, very busy place but a lot fun for everyone!!  Kids loved being in the water and sand, Justice got to work on her tan, Austin and Ethan got to bury each other and Travis and I enjoyed relaxing and watching the kids have a good day!!  Once we packed up and went home, we all got cleaned up and started food preparations for a delicious bar-b-que!!  As the evening progressed kids were very anxious for FIREWORKS!!!  What boys, kids excited for FIREWORKS, blowing things up and lighting matches.....who would have thought it!!!  HA!!!  Well they had fun lighting up some explosives, making noise and running around!!!  Later in the evening I took a few kids to go see the fireworks in Rexburg at the Nature Park.  Didn't really get any pics of that.  Needless to say we had a great day together.  It was fun to celebrate America!!  P.S. My camera batteries died during parade, so no pics of Justice cheering.  My friend took some but I have not gotten them from her yet!!  Will work on that!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Ah!  Yes! tents....with 7 kids......ahhhh!!!  It was our first and last camping trip this summer.  We did have a good time, but it was a long two nights!!!  We stayed close to home, since Justice had to work the next day!!  So we went up to Twin Bridges, it was getting late in the afternoon on Friday so we didn't get the best camp spot, but it worked!  Kids helped pretty well getting things set up, Austin, Justice and Ethan were the biggest helpers.  Karli, Ryley and Kason were the fire wood finders, they did okay!! :)  We had hamburgers, chips and other stuff for dinner!  The fire of course was a HUGE success!!  Then SMORES...only my favorite part!!  It is the only reason to go camping!!  Kids had fun telling funny stories, singing silly songs and telling funny jokes!!  We had a nice evening making some family memories!!  We had 2 tents, kids tent and parents Layton!!  It was interesting getting kids to go to bed....and not fight over the sleeping bags, pillows, "he is touching me" yelling and over all getting them to settle down.  Layton was really freaking out, he was not liking the small space of a tent and sleeping on air mattresses.  So again it took awhile to get him to settle down and fall asleep.  Finally some peace!! 

The next day we had a delicious pancake, hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast!!  We cleaned up and headed for some fishing....and hiking.  Justice was NOT thrilled about this adventure...but we made her tag along!!  Again, the fishing was no good.  So we headed back to our campsite...Justice was thrilled!!  She left to go home and get cleaned up for work.  We stayed around and Travis had to get home to finish some homework from his class.  Then we kept it simple for dinner and just did a weenie roast...again a fire was the most exciting part for the kids!!  They love playing with fire!!  SMORES were a must and were eatin' up quick!!  I think too quick, 'cause by the middle of the night we hear Austin and Justice talking and Ethan.....NOT feeling too good!!  Travis packed him up and took him home....luckily with a bowl because he didn't make it to a toilet!!  Later in the morning Travis came back to help with all the packing and cleaning up!!  We kept breakfast simple with cold cereal!!  It was SO nice to get home.  We all got cleaned up and then headed to church!  Later in the evening Travis and I went back (we left a tent) and had a campout WITHOUT kids!!  It was peaceful!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fishing is FUN!!!

Kids have been dying to go fishing, so off we went to the Nature Park in Rexburg to see how the fishing was there.  All the kids loved it of course!!  Even if they got skunked....they enjoyed being outside, playing on the play ground and worming the hooks.   Earlier in the Spring they had caught a turtle, so we also returned him to his home, I think he was pretty happy!!!  Karli has always been tomboyish, and she was so brave to cut her worm in half and squish him on the hook.  After a few hours of catching NOTHING, Layton was getting pretty tired and ready for a nap.  So I took him home to get a nap, Justice was there to make sure he got a good one. The rest of the kids wanted to stay longer and keep trying, so I took Kason and Karli with me.  The boys, Austin, Ethan and Ryley stayed  I grabbed some pizzas and drinks and we ate at the park.  It was finally time to go, Justice had to get to work and the kids were bummed!!  Somedays, just aren't good fishing days.....but it was still a good day to try!!!  Later in the week Travis took them fishing again, they had better luck.  I think I was the bad luck charm.  Dad is a better fisherman anyways, I am too chicken to touch anything!!!